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Privacy Policy

When you visit this website (as with most websites) our webserver collects some details about you such as your IP address, your browser and operating system and the date and time of your visit. It does not, however collect any personal information or identifies you as an individual in any way.

Any information that you send directly to me via e-mail or the enquiry form or any other method is treated as completely confidential and is never ever passed on to a third party without your express permission.


A Cookie is a tiny text file put onto your computer by websites that you visit which stores information about what you do on that site. Most websites use cookies of one sort or another for example  to store your preferences such as what sort of products you like to buy in online stores or whether youíre logged into a site or not.

Most cookies do not store any sort of identifiable information about you. Think about them as footprints in the sand Ė you can see where youíve been but canít tell much about you as an individual.

Cookies on this website

We use cookies to find out how many people have visited our website via Google Analytics. This tells us how you found us (i.e. what you typed into Google or whether you came straight to our site from another website) and what pages were of interest to you. This helps us check that we're doing all we can to reach our clients.

If you would prefer that no cookies are set at all by this website then you are able to block them entirely via your browser.  I would urge caution blocking all cookies as most are exceptionally useful and many sites wonít work well without them.

Blocking cookies by Browser:

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Privacy Policy