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Driving Lessons in Bedford

Asim Shah School of Motoring is a well established Bedford driving school that has been providing driving lessons in Bedford since 2004.

We understand that learning to drive can be a daunting experience but rest assured, with our friendly, smart, patient and experienced driving instructors in Bedford you will not find it any hassle at all.

We will aim to get you up to driving test standard as quickly as possible and teach you safe driving skills for life but at the same time minimize the cost.

We are proud of our achievements and have developed an outstanding reputation along the way. We have received many recommendations, please take a look at just a handful of testimonials from some of our former pupils.

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Our latest reviews

Thank you so much Asim. I have just managed to pass my driving test today on my 1st attempt with only 4 minor faults. I received some great feedback from the driving examiner but it wouldn’t have been possible without Asim’s hard work and dedication. His ability to nurture you into becoming a good driver is outstanding. Thank you so much!
I’m really happy to have passed my driving test today on my 1st attempt with this driving school. Asim is a dedicated driving instructor that has made us all pass on our 1st attempt. My mum and dad also passed with him many years ago. Thank you for your hard work and dedication after all these years you are still achieving great results! I would highly recommend this driving school to anyone looking for driving lessons in Bedford.
Asim is a amazing instructor, he took so much time with me and patiently dealt with my problems as they came and really made sure i understood what to do and when. Ive only managed around 1.30 hr lessons every week for the last 9 months but this was enough to pass first time with 2 minors. I wish him all the best in the future, hes really is a great teacher!
Asim was my instructor for many months and has helped me pass my driving test first time. He incorporated and made time for some extra lessons in the lead up to my driving test and I couldn’t have done it without him. He explains concepts thoroughly and is very calm which helped me a lot.I highly recommend for any stage learners to drive with Asim.Thanks Asim!
Asim is a great instructor, I passed first time today with only 5 minors, just as my mum did when she learned with him! Thank you for your patience and flexibility in negotiating around my studies and work. I highly recommend Asim to any one learning to drive the lessons are structured well, and he helps you to gain confidence in your areas of strengths and weaknesses.
Asim has helped me and my brothers pass our driving tests. I am so pleased today because I have also manage to pass my practical driving test with the help of Asim. His hard work, effort and knowledge has made me become a safe driver. Over the years he’s also helped many of my extended family to learn to drive also. He comes highly recommended by all. Thank you for all your help and assistance
I am so happy to say I passed first time with only 3 minor faults. Asim is such a fantastic driving instructor, who is very patient and outstandingly knowledgeable, I cannot recommend him and this school enough. I am so pleased to have chosen him as my instructor. Thank you Asim, for always being supportive and understanding my areas to work on. Wish you all the best!
I am so pleased today because I have managed to become a safe driver and passed my practical driving test on my first attempt with only three minor faults. My driving instructor pushed me to the best of his ability his dedication and effort alongside his knowledge made it happen. I can’t thank or recommend him enough he will always go the extra mile in order to help his students, his work ethic is unbelieveable.Thank you Asim so much.
Highly recommend. Asim is very calm, supportive and considerate.
I was supported a lot through my experience by Asim and he was very kind, understanding and helpful. 100% recommend to anyone learning to drive!
I have just managed to pass my driving test today with the help of Asim. He’s professional, dedicated and extra hard working. He has taught all my brothers and cousins to learn to drive and is a very patient driving instructor. I would highly recommend this driving school for anyone that is wanting to learn to drive.
I would highly recommend Asim as a driving instructor. I recently passed and wouldn’t have been able to do it without all his support. He knows the Bedford test routes well and was able to help me work on my weaknesses whilst being positive. I really appreciate his dedication and how he would always work around my work and school schedule!Thank you so much Asim 🙂
I have just passt today on my my first attempt with only 3 minor faults.My driving instructor asim helped achieve a high standard of driving and work really hard throughout our driving lessons. Thanks to this driving school i am now a confident and safe driver and i would really recommend this driving school in bedford to other learners that are looking for driving lessons in the bedford area. Thank you so much for you hard work and effort .
Asim has been a very dedicated driving instructor. His driving lessons were very well structured. He has taught all my family members and we have all passes in our first attempt. I have just passed my driving test with only two minor faults. He will push you to the best of your abilities to help become a safe driver. Best driving school in bedford and very competitive pricing. Thanks alot Asim!
I have just managed to pass my driving test on my 1st attempt. Asim shah is a very good driving instructor, his driving school enabled me to become a very good driver. He really pushes you to the best of his ability and will go the extra mile to help you achieve your learning goals. Best driving school on bedford.
my driving instructor in bed was Asim Shah. His driving lessons really helped me become a very good driver. He helped me pass today on my 1st attempt. Thank you so much it was a joy to use your driving school. I would highly recommend this driving instructor.
great driving instructor who ensured that i learnt every driving skill correctly and could fit in with my busy schedule, i passed my test today on the first attempt with only 1 minor, i highly recommend asim!
Fantastic instructor! Thanks to Asim’s expert guidance and patient teaching style, I passed my driving test on the first attempt with only 3 minors .His knowledge and encouragement were invaluable. Highly recommend!
Asim is the most phenomenal driving instructor, and I cannot recommend him and this school enough. Driving did not come naturally to me, and I was very anxious for some time. Asim continued to be so patient and helpful but equally honest and encouraging to make sure I got where I needed to be with my driving skills and confidence. We took learning and lessons at my pace, fitting well into my schedule regardless of my working pattern. Asim has exceptional knowledge of the roads and routes around Bedford. Furthermore, he was a very diligent and hard-working instructor, he knew my weaknesses and strengths very well and worked meticulously to overcome them. Passing my test today was a big win for me, especially considering how anxious I was when I started. I couldn’t have gotten there without the guidance, support, and help from Asim. He clearly has a real passion for teaching people how to drive and oozes a calmness, positivity, and knowledge that allows his learners to be confident, competent, and calm as drivers!
I have just managed to become a safe and component driver with the help of Asim. I just passed my driving test on the first attempt like my brother, all of the driving lessons were well structured by him and he was very patient, definitely the best driving school in Bedford
Very good and fun experience learning to drive with Asim, also helped me to pass 1st time, definitely recommend.
Thank you for all the support during my driving lessons and helping me pass my driving test today. Through your hard work and extra dedication and help it has made me become a well equipped driver and set me on the road to enjoy safe driving for life.
Since embarking on my driving journey, Asim has been a fantastic driving instructor, and he has really pushed me to reach the highest standards, as well as become a safe driver. As a reflection of his patient and professional approach to my lessons, today I passed my driving test, on my first attempt, with 0 minors, just like my friend, who Asim had also taught previously. He has a calm yet honest approach to lessons, and would always provide clear, constructive feedback, which enabled me to reflect on my weaknesses and improve as a driver. I am extremely grateful to have been taught by a brilliant instructor, like Asim, and I most definitely recommend him to anyone else who is looking for a driving instructor!
I have just passed my driving test on my first attempt with only 2 minor faults with Asim's help. He is very patient with his instructing style, and on my learning journey, he ensured that I was always aware of where I can improve, what errors I made and how to correct them, encouraging me to realise myself where my mistakes were, with his prompting.
I have just managed to pass my practical driving test on my first attempt just like my sister all thanks to Asim and our hard work and determination. I am very thankful for how helpful he has been during my entire practical driving journey. He helps to develop your skills to a very high standard. I really appreciate it.
I have just managed to become successful on passing my driving test on my first attempt with the help of Asim. Really appreciate all the effort he’s put into helping me become a safe driver. Would highly recommend
learning to drive with asim, was very helpful. He taught my sister and a lot of family friends how to drive and we have all passed on our first try
Asim was given a mountain of a task to get me test ready before my driving test today. He has been very professional throughout, delivering lessons which focus on excellence while driving. He is calm but honest. He also patiently endures mistakes and has never lost his nerve. I think any learner would be extremely fortunate to be taught by such a good instructor. There was a brief moment when the car had to be changed before my test but Asim went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable. He sensed that I was struggling slightly with the new car, and gave me the option to briefly revert back to the same car I was learning on. This was hugely beneficial and helped me pass today. Not only that, he instilled confidence and believed that I could do it even though I didn't know whether it would be possible. I am very grateful to been taught by a great instructor like Asim and I highly recommend him to anyone else who is looking for a driving instructor!
I was supported throughout my learning to drive experience by Asim who was very helpful, kind and patient and pushed me to the best of my ability. I am happy I was successful and I would definitely recommend using his driving school.
My learning to drive experience with Asim was extremely productive, efficient and to a very high standard. I have just managed to pass my driving test on my first attempt with only 3 minor faults and lots of praise from my driving examiner. I really appreciate your hard work, effort and determination. Thank you so much Asim.
My driving experience with Asim was amazing. He is a very supportive driving instructor that works hard to get exceptional results! I have managed to pass my driving test today on my first attempt just like all my mates
Passed my driving test 1st time with 0 minors. 🚗Asim is great instructor who pushed me to be my best providing me with amazing driving tips that I am truly grateful for.🤝Would highly recommend. 👍🏼
As someone who driving doesn't come naturally to, Asim was very patient and persistent with me, and managed to get me a pass on my first test. Asim is an excellent teacher. He pays close attention to your strengths and weaknesses and puts in a lot of effort to work out patterns in your weaknesses and ways to improve upon them. Alongside that, he is very supportive and helps boost your confidence even when you don't think things are going well. I was very pleased with the lessons I did with him and would definitely recommend.
I passed my driving test on my first attempt with the help of Asim. Very professional and recommend if you want to learn how to drive. Thank you once again.
Passed on my first attempt with 3 minors. Asim was a very encouraging instructor who always pushed me to do my best. He provided me with great tips to be used while driving and also helped boost my confidence. He is a driving instructor that I highly recommend to everyone.
Passed 1st time 3 minors. Very happy with the results.Really happy with the service provided by Asim. He helped me, my brother and my sister to pass. He was patient, considerate and logical with his teaching, always considering how I felt and then adapting to it. Providing me with words of advice whenever I was lacking confidence.The standard of driving he teaches you within his lesson is far overqualified, helping you to pass with flying colours.Would recommend him to anyone looking to pass your test.
I passed today with 1 minor fault! Thank you so much Asim for all your help and support. Highly recommend anyone looking for a driving instructor to use Asim. Alhumdulilah couldn’t be happier! Once again, Thank you.
An exceptional instructor who helped me pass today on my first test with only one minor fault. Also taught my brothers and sisters and some of my relatives too. Best instructor in Bedford, always patience and calm. Very helpful and just the best in the business!!!!!!!!
Excellent driving instructor, pushes you towards reaching the highest standards to pass your test as soon as possible. Would definitely recommend him if you want the best advice and someone who guides you, but also allows you to learn independently throughout the lessons.

Our mission is to be the best driving school in Bedford

We believe that our success is totally dependent on yours and we will always be willing to go that extra mile.

We want you to be so happy with our driving school that you’ll recommend us to your friends and family.

Our driving school is based in Bedford and we cover a wide variety of area’s within Bedford and throughout Bedfordshire, such as Kempston, Wootton, Putnoe, Brickhill, Clapham, Cardington, Biddenham and Bromham to name a few.

Experienced professionals

Your driving instructor in Bedford has an outstanding knowledge of the local area and will structure your driving lessons in a suitable area depending on your standard. We plan effectively, taking you into the challenging areas when you are ready.
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Excellent planning

As your driving skills improve and your confidence grows your driving instructor will gradually incorporate more and more routes as we move onto other subjects through the learning to drive syllabus and the national standard for driving.
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Working together

As you and your driving instructor work together using client centered techniques to be a safe and responsible driver you can expect to cover all the driving test routes in Bedford too. Rest assured we have got it all covered!
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Intensive driving lessons

If you would like to pass your practical driving test immediately at the Bedford-Cardington test centre then contact us today. We can tailor your driver training in order to meet your needs and offer a variety of packages.
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Areas covered

You can expect to cover all the driving test routes in Bedford whilst you are learning. These will include some of the challenging areas, such as the Cardington cross roundabout or the Marsh Leys area in Kempston, as well as the A421.
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Support for your test

We will support you through your theory test and provide you with all the resources you need to pass the driving test as well. Working together at a pace that suits your learning style working through the national syllabus and the national standard required.
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