Pass plus is a training scheme for new drivers. Its aim is to improve your driving skills and make you a safer driver. It can also lead to insurance discounts.

The scheme has been designed by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), with the help of the motor insurance and driving instruction industries, to develop your driving skills and knowledge in areas where you may have limited experience.

Pass Plus will benefit you by:

  • enabling you to gain quality driving experience safely
  • helping you become a more skillful driver
  • teaching you how to develop a Positive Driving style which is both enjoyable and safe
  • reducing your risk of being involved in a road crash
  • saving you money on your car insurance premiums

The Problem

You are vulnerable: you’ve shown, by passing the driving test, that you are able to drive unsupervised on the road; but as a newly qualified driver you’re much more vulnerable than you may realise.

You are more likely to have a crash: statistics show that new drivers are more likely to have an accident within the first two years of passing their driving test than at any other time in their driving career.

You lack driving experience: it’s not because of your age-newly qualified drivers are a higher than average risk whatever their age. The main factor is simply a lack of driving experience.

The solution

Develop your driving skills, so you can drive safely in all conditions and on all types of road. Until you do this you will be at greater risk of being involved in a road accident.

That risk is reflected in car insurance premiums.

This is where Pass Plus comes in.

Designed by the Driver Vehicle Standards Agency, the six-module training syllabus will develop your skills and, if you feel nervous driving on your own, it can also help to boost your confidence.

Positive Driving

Two key factors make up a positive approach to driving.

Your attitude:

  • responsibility for your actions
  • considerations for others

Your skills:

  • observation
  • making decisions
  • taking the right action

These essential attitudes and skills are the same, whether you are driving

  • on a busy main road
  • in adverse weather conditions
  • on a quiet country lane or road
  • at night
  • on dual carriageways
  • on motorways

The six modules are:

  • Introduction and town driving
  • All weather driving
  • Out of town driving and rural roads
  • Night driving
  • Dual carriageways
  • Motorways

After Pass Plus

When you successfully complete pass plus you will have demonstrated that you

have developed your existing skills

have acquired new skills and knowledge

know how to anticipate, plan for and deal with hazards safely

understand how you can reduce the risk of having a road accident

can maintain a courteous and considerate attitude to other road users.

DVSA will then send you a pass plus certificate of completion showing that you have successfully completed the course

are entitled to an insurance discount from one of the companies taking part in the scheme.