Ubayed S.
10:07 26 Jul 22
Passed first time with 0 MINOR FAULTS, really professional instructor and I wouldn’t recommend anyone but him
Sohaib D.
14:17 22 Jul 22
passed first time! thank you to asim for helping me achieve this. i was nervous before my test but asim helped me stay composed to pass with just 6 minors
Adeel M.
17:32 13 Jul 22
Samir H.
17:12 06 Jul 22
Asim shah is a GREAT driving instructor and brilliant teacher. Through working with Asim I have achieved my full UK driving license. We had a delay through Covid with all the changes and overcame all the adversity and adapted to all the new conditions to allow us to progress and ensure we secured... the end goal of getting the license. Big thank you to Asim for helping and sticking by me throughout, I highly recommend his driving school to any new beginners or future learner drivers.read more
Muhammed J.
11:03 05 Jul 22
Perfect driving instructor, very patient and knowledgeable. Passed with only 2 minors thankfully, highly recommended.
Demi G.
10:28 24 May 22
Passed first time today! Asim has been nothing but brilliant throughout my time learning how to drive. I found learning how to drive difficult and Asim was patient and considerate throughout, tailoring my learning to get the very best out of me, and parting words of advice and wisdom that have... helped me tremendously. I had times where I wanted to give up, but Asim believed in me and gave me the confidence and motivation to continue. I would highly recommend Asim to anyone looking to learn how to drive, he was kind, professional and dedicated throughout. Thank you Asim!read more
Ellie B
08:10 20 May 22
Asim was a great instructor, he is very patient and calm. Asim explains things in an understandable way and he gives helpful feedback at the end of every lesson. Would definitely recommend for learners.
maria G.
22:00 18 May 22
Fantastic Driving InstructorVery Professional and patient .Would highly recommend.
Khuram R.
11:17 18 May 22
Asim is an amazing instructor! He helped me with my driving journey and helped me realize my faults and I passed 1st time! Definitely would recommend to new drivers
Sami H.
09:26 26 Apr 22
Passed first time, great instructor would highly reccomend👌
Nafia K.
14:35 31 Mar 22
Asim has been great and helped me pass rhe 1st time. He is always clear, concise and a great instructor! Making learning to driving a more pleasant and comfortable experience. He was great about working around my schedule making it easier to plan lessons which was great.I would recommend him if... you are looking for a considerate, experienced and great instructor. Thank you for everything Asim!read more
Karolina M.
15:00 23 Mar 22
I highly recommend Asim as a instructor, he is very patient and has a good teaching metod. Many hours of hard work paid off because I passed the first time. Highly recommend!
Zainab G.
18:29 22 Mar 22
Very professional and great support as an instructor. Pushes you to the best and achieve excellence. It’s been a pleasure learning with Asim.
10:04 17 Mar 22
Asim is a brilliant instructor, always believed in me even if I got a bunch of major faults in a lesson. Even sacrificed a Liverpool game for my driving test. Brilliant instructor
Oliver Higham R.
15:41 15 Mar 22
Asim is a great instructor who explains things in a calm way that makes it easier to understand. I found his feedback at the end of each lesson very useful to know what I needed to work on to improve my driving.I would highly recommend Asim to any new drivers.
George S.
20:45 22 Feb 22
I passed my driving test today on my first attempt with 0 minors. Asim was a fantastic teacher and helped massively.
Maariyah B.
21:16 16 Feb 22
Today i passed with only 2minors, im a first time driver so needed an instructor that was patient, professional, and above all a brilliant teacher, in Asim i found just that.I highly highly recommend Asim as an instructor, there is nobody better, he does everything he can in his power to help you... pass.read more
Dholi _.
11:16 25 Jan 22
Today I passed 1st time with only 1 minor fault. Asim himself, is a very good teacher, he explains well and always wants the best for his students. I highly recommend his service his teaching is top class.
Martynas R.
22:40 13 Dec 21
Asim is an amazing instructor! He helped me with my driving journey and helped me realize my faults and I passed 1st time! The calmest guy I know, thank you for helping me! Definitely recommend.
Danial R.
14:20 22 Nov 21
It was an absolute pleasure to be taught by Asim, I had never driven a car before in the past and the thought of it was very daunting. However I found Asim to be very informative and supportive throughout my learning experience. He taught me the correct techniques and routines to ensure that I... would be a safe and confident driver. His way of critiquing is the standard that you would want from a teacher since he picks up on your faults and constantly reminds you on how to rectify them so that you are able to improve and make progress. I passed first time with one minor and i would highly recommend Asim to any of you that want to learn how to drive safely and correctly.THANK YOU ASIM YOU ARE THE BEST!read more
Heather M.
21:01 12 Nov 21
Passed my driving test this morning with Asim with 0 faults! Asim has been a great instructor, always being patient and believing in me even when I didn't believe in myself. He really is an instructor who only wants you to succeed and be best driver you can be. All of my lessons where planned well... and each time was asked for my input in the lessons. Asim was great in letting me know where I was making mistakes and how to rectify them as well as highlighting the good points of my driving. I am so pleased I was recommend Asim by a friend. I have been recommending him throughout my learning and will continue to do so as he is honestly the perfect driving instructor. Thank you for everything Asim!read more
benjie M.
18:37 12 Nov 21
I can not recommended Asim highly enough. Brilliant at coaching me through the process, creating a atmosphere of trust and calmness. Highly recommend to any driver!
Saif R.
17:34 13 Oct 21
Passed my test on 1st attempt with 3 minor faults. Asim has been a great instructor and helped me all the way. Greatly recommended
Ali S.
17:09 14 Sep 21
I PASSED FIRST TIMEEE!!!! Asim shah, in my opinion is the best instructor and his way of teaching was very effective and had not only made me pass my test but also understand each situations I could come across in order to be a safe driver. His approach to teaching was amazing and quick as I was... able to pass my test the first time. I recommend any new learner to learn from asim as the results are extraordinary and I couldn’t have hoped for anything better.read more
Sammy J.
08:17 07 Sep 21
I was looking for an instructor to book in lessons for my son's 17th birthday, and without having any recommendations I turned to Google, and ended up choosing Asim for his great reviews. Best decision I made! From the first contact Asim was always very prompt and detailed in his responses and... happy to talk through any queries.My son immediately got on with Asim and benefited from his calm and professional manner. From talking to his friends and their experiences with other instructors, it was clear Asim really knew his stuff and my son felt very confident when it came to his test, which he passed first time!Asim was always punctual, never cancelled (which due to Covid delays, we were really grateful for) and very really reasonably priced. He is a first class instructor and I would happily recommend him to everyone.Thank you Asim!read more
Umaar M.
10:33 27 Aug 21
Very glad to say that I have passed my driving test today and most of this accomplishment is due to Asim and how good of a driving instructor he is. He would always plan lessons effectively and unlike other instructors I have went to in the past he was always very calm, thoroughly explained... everything and all I can say is that he is one of the best instructors in Bedford.read more
17:35 24 Aug 21
I passed First time with Asim! He is a calm and professional instructor and helped keep me positive for my test! Gave me some great tips in lessons and planned effective lessons to help strengthen my weaknesses. Highly recommend him to any new drivers!
Enamul I.
09:34 06 Aug 21
I passed today with 2 minors! I just wanted to say Asim has been extremely helpful during the process and adjusted the lessons to help strengthen my decision making and judgement. Even on the test day he was extremely supportive and helped me to calm my nerves.
Maria M
11:35 02 Aug 21
I passed my driving test today with just 1 minor fault! I’m still trying to absorb it in!Asim is one of Bedfords most finest, professional driving instructor who instructs at his highest standard. I previously had 2 different instructors in which Asim was my 3rd - best decision I made to come to... Asim!Thank you Asim, for calming me down when my anxiety use to kick in and thank you for always being the most patient with me!!read more
10:27 02 Aug 21
Asim is an incredibly effective instructor with regards to how he teaches and instructs his students to drive safe for their life. Asim is a very professional instructor and always communicates very well, this could be from him telling you why not to do something and what implications it can cause... and he also thoroughly explains to you why certain things are done a certain method. Overall he is very experienced and very alert on the roads and can help anticipate many different situations on the roads.read more
Michelle O.
22:38 30 Jul 21
I suffer with Anxiety & panic attacks so really needed an instructor who would understand my issues & be compassionate, I started driving with a driving school which after the first lesson I knew it wasn’t for me… I contacted Asim & he immediately made me feel at ease, I had to wait 6 weeks before... I could start driving with him due to his full schedule but it was certainly worth the wait, over a short period of time My confidence grew & I was nearly up to test standard & we booked my test, due to Covid 19 my test dates got cancelled on two occasions & our lessons were very much on a stop start basis due to restrictions, this had a great impact on my driving & knocked my confidence which led me to have a few major meltdowns especially leading up to my test date (Sorry Asim 🙈)Thank you Asim for not giving up on me & supporting me every step of the way, without you I would not have passed my test on 29th July 2021 picking up 5 minors, you are a fantastic instructor & have the patience of a saint & I would highly recommend you to anyone who is looking to learn to drive & especially to persons who may have personal issues.Thanks A million, Michelleread more
Jack C.
19:21 06 Jul 21
Pass first time with many thanks to Asim. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to learn to drive in the Bedford area.
aiesha A.
20:05 21 Jun 21
Passed my driving test today on my FIRST attempt all thanks to Asim Shah ! The best driving instructor in Bedford NO DOUBT! He was very supportive and encouraging throughout this journey. I had a very good experience and would highly recommend Asim to anyone looking to start driving lessons in the... Bedford area ! You'll get great results just like I did 🙂read more
Ajay B.
15:03 21 May 21
I am very happy to say that I passed my test today and so much credit must go to Asim. Throughout my time learning with Asim, he has been supportive, understanding and patient. He has brilliant knowledge and expertise and I highly recommend him to any new driver. I have had several driving... instructors over the years and by far, Asim has been the very best. For all new learners, Asim is the driving instructor you want! Thanks so much for your help and support - wish you all the very best in the future.read more
Olabanji A.
11:25 20 May 21
Asim is one of the best teachers I have encountered over the years. He is calm and always willing to put you in the best position as a driver. I am absolutely glad I was under his tutelage.
Every & A.
16:01 19 May 21
Asim is an amazing driving instructor!I've had a few instructors but none compare to him.He gives you all the tools you need for safe driving and the assistance to help you pass your test.
Mirran R.
10:44 17 May 21
Took my test with Asim and I passed with only 1 minor fault! Would highly highly recommend✨ Asim is very patient and understanding, couldn’t of asked for a better instructor ✨
Shazad H.
23:18 12 May 21
Passed my driving test today with 0 MINOR FAULTS all thanks to Asim!! He has been supportive and has helped me throughout this journey. I have also had many family members who have used him in the past and have been very happy with his service. The most professional and supportive person you will... ever meet! With the difficulty of COVID causing major delays, Asim still tried his very best to help me improve my driving skills and pass my test. Highly recommend and can say confidently that he is for sure the best instructor in Bedford!!read more
Mark L.
11:43 01 May 21
Today, I passed my driving examination on my first attempt. I couldn’t have done so without Asim Shah. Although I have had driving experience for many years, albeit on the other side of the road and on the other side of the vehicle, I didn’t have any UK driving experience. So, I had many issues... that needed overcoming before being ready to drive safely on the UK roads.For me, the rules of the road were different, signage, speeds, crossings, junctions, gear layout, positioning, so many different aspects of what I thought I knew was suddenly conflicting with a completely new everything. Asim helped me through all of it. I went through my first roundabouts with him.We had to endure lockdowns, not being able to smoothly plan lessons with target test dates being cancelled twice, sometimes going months without seeing each other. It wasn’t ideal for me, or for him, but he remained focused and determined to cover everything regardless of what Covid threw at us.I can’t express my gratitude enough. Thank you so very much. I needed this license for work as you know. I appreciated your flexibility and adapting to the ever changing conditions which presented themselves with my particular circumstances and situation. You bent over backwards and did everything in your power to make this happen for me. I will never forget that! There aren’t enough people in the world like you, my brother.A journey that began 9 months ago has reached its conclusion with a PASS. However, before that test and result, I made many mistakes. It was these mistakes and what was learned from them that prepared me for my test. Thankfully, Asim carefully and patiently explained each and every aspect of everything to me. He left nothing to chance. He was thorough and concise. His book of diagrams was extremely useful to me, especially in coming to understand the phenomenon of the roundabout.There were many times, especially at the beginning, where he needed to consistently repeat certain things over and over until I was independently doing what was needed. The constant repetition, this training, then became habit. So, by the time my test came the ingrained training was second nature and I was able to smoothly go through the test without unduly stressing.Now, I will take everything that you have taught me on every drive in the future. There were some mistakes that I made that will not ever be made again. The lessons learned from these are all important. Many thanks, once again, my Brother!read more
imad U.
18:01 23 Apr 21
I would very highly recommend Asim Shah to any new drivers. He always pushed me to doing my best and in the end it all paid off! I managed to pass first time and get only 3 minors!Thanks once again Asim!
Moji S.
14:36 16 Oct 20
I would highly recommend Asim. I have several instructors and taken the test a few times in the past. I came across Asim when i moved to bedford, he helped me pass my test on the FIRST attempt with him. Without any doubt he is the best instructor I have ever had. He was so patient and understanding... with me. His positive words of encouragement helped boost my morale. If you are searching for an instructor, Asim is the man to go to. Thank you so much Asim 🙂 You're the bestread more
Nabeel S.
18:23 15 Oct 20
Great Instructor !!! Thanks to Asim Shah with his brilliant approach to teaching I was able to pass my test first time with ease. He made me feel very confident whilst going for my test as I was well prepared thanks to him. Would recommend that anyone else looking for instructors contact Asim Shah... for the best outcome.read more
Avais T.
08:24 15 Sep 20
Asim is a great if not the best driving instructor. He will guide you and correct you If you make a mistake. And will explain as to why it was the wrong decision. And explain who has priority and how to correct the mistake for the future. he won't just tell you that you made a mistake, It took me a... very long while to pass, due to covid 19 this year. But as soon as we were allowed to do lessons again he encouraged me to smash it out of the park. And that is what we did today. Passed first time with 1 minor fault. Just because now he will not be in the car when I’m driving doesn’t give me the opportunity not drive safe just like he has taught me.Thanks Asim once again we finally done itread more
marcus B.
16:06 02 Sep 20
Asim is a great instructor. If you get something wrong he won't just tell you that you made a mistake, he'll ask you what your train of thought was and why you think it was wrong. It took me a while to pass, mainly due to circumstances this year. But I know that I'll remember the lessons he's... taught me and always drive safely.read more
10:31 27 Aug 20
Couldn’t ask for a better driving instructor. Very professional and well organised. Would 100% recommend
Anah B
14:09 21 Aug 20
Glad to have chosen Asim for learning to drive as he was very thorough and explained everything very clearly- happy to have finally passed with his guidance, I would definitely recommend!
Kyra P.
21:38 17 Mar 20
I passed my practical driving test first time today. Asim is a great instructor and would highly recommend. Good communication, great knowledge, good lessons, and is very patient.
12:08 17 Mar 20
A fantastic instructor, Asim is professional, patient and motivating. He made every effort to ensure my lessons were productive and enjoyable, pinpointing my weaknesses and carefully guiding me to make improvements. Passed with 2 minors. Would strongly recommend!
Samuel P.
11:23 16 Mar 20
Passed my driving test with 0 minors, Asim was very patient and would take the time to explain any mistakes I made on lessons and how to combat and overcome those mistakes and not make them again. Was a great experience to have him teaching me. Would highly recommend to a seasoned learner/driver or... someone starting out for the first time.read more
Bishop M.
11:18 13 Mar 20
I passed my driving test first time with Asim with only 3 minors! Highly recommend for anyone who wants to get on the roads!