Moji S.
14:36 16 Oct 20
I would highly recommend Asim. I have several instructors and taken the test a few times in the past. I came across Asim when i moved to bedford, he helped me pass my test on the FIRST attempt with him. Without any doubt he is the best instructor I have ever had. He was so patient and understanding... with me. His positive words of encouragement helped boost my morale. If you are searching for an instructor, Asim is the man to go to. Thank you so much Asim 🙂 You're the bestread more
Nabeel S.
18:23 15 Oct 20
Great Instructor !!! Thanks to Asim Shah with his brilliant approach to teaching I was able to pass my test first time with ease. He made me feel very confident whilst going for my test as I was well prepared thanks to him. Would recommend that anyone else looking for instructors contact Asim Shah... for the best more
Avais T.
08:24 15 Sep 20
Asim is a great if not the best driving instructor. He will guide you and correct you If you make a mistake. And will explain as to why it was the wrong decision. And explain who has priority and how to correct the mistake for the future. he won't just tell you that you made a mistake, It took me a... very long while to pass, due to covid 19 this year. But as soon as we were allowed to do lessons again he encouraged me to smash it out of the park. And that is what we did today. Passed first time with 1 minor fault. Just because now he will not be in the car when I’m driving doesn’t give me the opportunity not drive safe just like he has taught me.Thanks Asim once again we finally done itread more
marcus B.
16:06 02 Sep 20
Asim is a great instructor. If you get something wrong he won't just tell you that you made a mistake, he'll ask you what your train of thought was and why you think it was wrong. It took me a while to pass, mainly due to circumstances this year. But I know that I'll remember the lessons he's... taught me and always drive more
10:31 27 Aug 20
Couldn’t ask for a better driving instructor. Very professional and well organised. Would 100% recommend
Anah B
14:09 21 Aug 20
Glad to have chosen Asim for learning to drive as he was very thorough and explained everything very clearly- happy to have finally passed with his guidance, I would definitely recommend!
Kyra P.
21:38 17 Mar 20
I passed my practical driving test first time today. Asim is a great instructor and would highly recommend. Good communication, great knowledge, good lessons, and is very patient.
12:08 17 Mar 20
A fantastic instructor, Asim is professional, patient and motivating. He made every effort to ensure my lessons were productive and enjoyable, pinpointing my weaknesses and carefully guiding me to make improvements. Passed with 2 minors. Would strongly recommend!
Samuel P.
11:23 16 Mar 20
Passed my driving test with 0 minors, Asim was very patient and would take the time to explain any mistakes I made on lessons and how to combat and overcome those mistakes and not make them again. Was a great experience to have him teaching me. Would highly recommend to a seasoned learner/driver or... someone starting out for the first more
Bishop M.
11:18 13 Mar 20
I passed my driving test first time with Asim with only 3 minors! Highly recommend for anyone who wants to get on the roads!
Zonaib A.
14:55 10 Mar 20
I just passed my test today first time I’m very happy with myself in including my instructor Asim he’s a great teacher to learn from I suggest Asim to any new learners out the in queen park area and other areas nearby.
Mansi A.
16:06 27 Feb 20
I passed my practical driving test today in the first attempt with only 3 minor faults. All thanks to Asim. He is a great instructor, very professional and always motivating. He was patient with me throughout my experience. He explains things very clearly and is always ready to clear all your... doubts. I’m grateful for his instruction and support more
Simran S.
15:11 18 Feb 20
Just Passed My Driving test, only because of Asim An excellent teacher and Superb communication skills. Would Recommend to everyone
Suraj R.
11:34 13 Feb 20
amazing service. really good instructor that i would definitely recommend
Olivia F.
14:44 11 Feb 20
Today I passed my test. Asim has been an amazing instructor, would highly recommend for anyone wanting to pass first time, very good at explaining and staying calm.
nangraw S.
22:42 05 Feb 20
Thankyou Asim for passing me my driving test the first time. You help me a lot. You know how to train a learner, who English is not their first langaush. Very patient and professional, I would recommend to everyone.I want to say again very very Thank .
Sofia M.
11:19 23 Jan 20
I had 2 driving instructors before Asim , I am so glad I chose him as my driving instructor, he gave me the confidence I needed.Asim has excellent communication skills!It wouldn’t have be possible without him! So happy thank you very much
Joe F.
16:35 09 Jan 20
Brilliant instructor, thorough, precise and has great knowledge. Goes the extra mile to make sure you're confident in driving. Cheers Asim!
jordan S.
17:27 03 Jan 20
Passed my driving test today with only 2 minor faults Asim is very patient and helped me build my confidence , I would highly recommend him!
Jahangir A.
11:55 30 Dec 19
Amazing instructor!!! Highly recommend him to anyone that wants to learn to drive! Such a decent guy who is so patient with you. Thankyou so much asim! Inshallah I'll be driving passed you soon!
daniel 1.
10:53 19 Dec 19
The best instructor professional ,i passwd the e cam from the first, THANKS.
Armandas J.
11:09 11 Dec 19
Passed first time with only 4 minors 😃
Nothing T.
16:27 28 Nov 19
Was a brilliant experience and very helpful.
Tomas D.
13:29 25 Nov 19
Genuinely the best driving instructor in Bedford, he got me a first time pass today and helped me every step of the way, he is extremely professional and progressive teacher and he didn't try to put me through more lessons than I needed. He is such a down to earth instructor and I wouldn't... recommend anyone elseread more
18:14 20 Nov 19
Passed today with 1 minor. Asim is a great instructor, would highly recommend!
zohaib T.
13:46 14 Nov 19
Amazing instructor, would highly recommend. Pass on my first attempt with only 1 minor!
Melle du P.
14:43 13 Nov 19
Passed first time with only 3 minors!! I really enjoy my driving lessons, I always felt comfortable and able to ask questions if unsure. what an amazing instructor, thank you for all your patience and hard work !
Samir K.
12:13 12 Nov 19
Just passed my driving test. 1st time with 3 minors!!Amazing guy and puts in the correct effort therefore leading to amazing results. Would highly recommend!!
Ahsan A.
11:37 30 Oct 19
I wanted to share my news for passing my driving test first time today. All thanks to Asim shah who's been my Instructor can not thank him enough all i want to say is that he is the best Instructor i could have ever had and im glad i chosen him.Guys if you want to pass straight away hes the guy to... go with he teaches and explains everything very clearly and makes sure you more
Kushal S.
12:43 08 Oct 19
Great instructor. Managed to pass 1st time with all his help and guidance.
M A.
11:18 03 Oct 19
Big thanks to Asim for his help with driving lessons. He is very knowledgeable, supportive and patient. Best instructor in Bedford, would highly recommend him.
Mel G.
15:24 23 Sep 19
I passed my practical driving test today with only 6 minors! Asim is an amazing instructor, very patient with me throughout my experience, he really motivated me and believed in me from the start. He is a very committed teacher, explained everything clearly and I never felt that I couldn’t be... honest with him each lesson. He boosted my confidence as each lesson went on. I will definitely be going back to him myself for my pass plus and would highly recommend him as an instructor to family and friends.Personal thank you from me Asim I’m so grateful for your instruction and support throughout.😬🚘😬read more
14:54 11 Sep 19
19:43 31 Jul 19
29/07/19 I Passed my test today with 2 minors FIRST TIME with Asim Shah, would say he is the best instructor out there, would recommend him to everyone, Asim explains everything so professionally and helps with all your mistakesand how to avoid them in the future, he haspassed my whole family (6... members) and we all passed first time. If it weren’t for Asim don’t think any of us would of passed 1st time. If anyone is looking for a good, professional instructor I strongly recommend Asim as you can/will not find a better instructor. Thank you once again Asim.WOULD NOT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT Uread more
09:14 29 Jul 19
Asim is an amazing teacher. I definitely recommend him. I passed on my 1st attempt with only 3 minors. Very patient and absolutely clear and that made it easy to learn from him. Extremely happy!!!
Mohammad I.
09:06 22 Jul 19
Just passed today really good instructor who helped me. Really friendly and supportive.
hal B.
11:10 02 Jul 19
Passed first time no minors, great instructor, takes you through syllabus and provides you with clear progression charts
tara K.
06:14 29 Jun 19
Great instructor, patient and professional. I passed on my first attempt!!
Sikandar Z.
12:16 28 Jun 19
Jemma J.
19:28 17 Jun 19
I passed my test today first time with 0 minors!! Asim is by far the best instructor I have had. I have gone from being a nervous wreck when driving to feeling confident to go out and drive by myself. I honestly cannot fault Asim as an instructor he is just amazing. He gives clear and constructive... feedback during and after each lesson and provides support and encouragement to help you improve. I will be recommending him to everyone who is looking for an instructor in Bedford! Thank you so much Asim for everything 🙂 !read more
Dionne Marie Palma- M.
12:00 07 Jun 19
Today I passed my driving test with 3 minor fault- first attempt. I couldn’t have done it with Asim! He is such a wonderful instructor and I couldn’t have ask for a better instructor. Not only he is such a lovely person, he is very welcoming and friendly! He is patient and will boost your... confidence when things go wrong! I didn’t think I would passed in my first attempt but Asim always believes in me and always have a positive vibe which is helpful!I HIGY RECOMMEND ASIM!!Thank you every so much for everything Asim!read more
Sohail H.
17:04 06 Jun 19
Thank you Asim. Passed my driving test first time.
Destiny B.
12:12 06 Jun 19
Passed first time today with only 4 minors! Highly recommend! Thankyou so much Asim I appreciate it!
Lisa G.
22:09 24 May 19
Passed my test today first time with 2 minors! Asim has been an excellent instructor over my time learning. Professional, punctual and forever patient, always taking time to explain my mistakes through and how to correct them and avoid them in the future. I have enjoyed learning to drive with Asim... and couldn’t recommend him enough! Thank you!!!read more
Shanice D.
14:52 22 May 19
I just passed first time today!Asim really focused on specific things each lesson and patiently helped me work on my weaknesses. Very professional, honest and encouraging. Would defo recommend!
Rasa Rios L.
21:19 20 May 19
Have passed my practical test today! Extremely happy! ♡Couldn't ask for a better driving instructor in a lifetime! Reliable, punctual, friendly, supportive, encouraging, helpful and very PROFESSIONAL! ♡Massive thank you for helping me to achieve that what seemed to be impossible to do not so... long ago!Highly RECOMMENDED!♡read more
Gafaar A.
14:48 29 Apr 19
Passed my test today first time and I couldn't have done it without Asim. He is very patient, understanding and his lessons are always well planned. I would highly recommend.
06:30 27 Apr 19
Always on time, always professional. Helped me pass first time. Thank you.
Darshan M.
08:27 20 Apr 19
Just passed today with 2 minors at first try. Asim is very good at his job and experienced. He's patient and encouraging too. Would highly recommend him to any inexperienced drivers.
Sami Y.
21:57 09 Apr 19
Passed on my first attempt. Very thorough and professional instructor. Skrr