As you and your driving instructor work through the syllabus he or she will liaise with you as to when to book your practical driving test.

At our Bedford driving school we understand that you want to pass asap and we promise that we will aim to do this as early as possible.

You as a learner will also be able to judge when you are ready, through reflecting on your performance and progress.

Mock Test

It is worth conducting a mock driving test with your driving instructor when you feel you are ready. It will give you an insight as to how the driving test is conducted. It may also highlight any weakness areas that you may have and are able to correct.

Useful Tips

Here are some useful tips to bear in mind before you take your driving test:

You need to drive in a confident and positive manner, without being overcautious or hesitant. It is important to drive at speeds that are appropriate for the road, traffic and weather conditions and not change anything you would normally do in your driving lessons.  > Common reasons for failing

Believe in your ability, be confident and determined to pass. Don’t worry about ‘what if I fail’, because your not going to let that happen and even if you did, it’s not the end of the world.

It’s also a good idea not to tell too many friends or family about your test, as it’s extra unnecessary pressure that you could do without.

Don’t give up

Don’t think you have failed your driving test. During your test you may make a fault and you may feel you have failed, but perhaps you haven’t.

Let’s say you were about to move off from the side of the road and you stalled. You then begin to panic and worry, then stop concentrating and dwell on what you think was a major mistake. And because of this, you go on to make other serious mistakes as you have stopped concentrating.

However, the driving examiner may see it differently. He or she is aware of your stall, but only records a driving fault also known as a minor fault. This is because at that time there wasn’t any actual or potential danger, and you hadn’t affected any other road users.

So it’s important to emphasize that if you do make a mistake on your driving test, forget about it for the moment, recover safely and effectively and continue to concentrate. So don’t give up during the test.

Bedford Driving Lessons


It is important whenever you are driving that you concentrate to the best of your ability especially on your driving test. Anticipate what’s about to happen throughout the drive. Ask yourself important questions such as, ‘how long have the traffic lights been green’? ‘What may happen as a ball enters the road’? ‘What could the pedestrian near the zebra crossing intend to do’?

Effective observations are very important and then it’s important to react effectively in order to reduce the risk to yourself and other road users.

The Examiner

The driving examiner will observe you throughout the drive. It is important that you do not pay any attention to them or what they do.

The examiner may make a note of something but this doesn’t necessarily mean you have committed a fault. Don’t be tempted to have a peek, and it’s not worth doing as they now have a privacy screen so you can’t see any information.

Am I ready for my driving test

If your not getting it correct regularly on your driving lessons and are making numerous faults then you need to ask yourself if you should attempt the test. Are you ready to drive on your own? Have I covered all of the aspects I will be tested on? Do I need to rearrange my driving test date in order to be ready, or do I need to increase my lessons? These are all important questions you need to ask yourself.

Driving instructors are not allowed to present pupils for a driving test that are not up to driving test standard. And do you really want to lose your driving test fee and have to do it all again. Or perhaps run the risk of having your driving test terminated by the driving examiner in the interest of public safety.

Only attempt your test when you are performing at the required standard.

Other tips to help you pass:

  • Get a good nights sleep
  • Double check the date and time of your test
  • Take the correct documents with you especially your provisional driving license and theory pass certificate
  • Don’t forget your glasses if you wear them.
  • Get familiar with the show me tell me vehicle safety questions
  • Be confident without being over confident
  • Show the driving examiner how good you really are
  • If your unsure about an instruction ask in good time
  • Take safe opportunities and don’t be overcautious
  • Keep a safe distance at all times
  • Make the correct decisions